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Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones

I did this version in open G, but I think Keith did it in open D with a capo.
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Fashion And Fighting

Smack in the middle of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, LuAnn and Kelly are at a show when Bethenny arrives. LuAnn makes a snide remark to Bethenny who launches into a verbal attack, as an embarrassed Kelly looks on. The following night, Ramona takes her daughter Avery to her first fashion show where they’re coincidentally seated next to Kelly. Kelly invites Ramona to the Perez Hilton event where Kelly and Jill catch Ramona up on the latest Bethenny drama. Meanwhile, Bethenny is hosting an event for a designer in town and both Alex and Kelly show up to support her. When Kelly arrives, she and Bethenny call a truce, promising peace with one another. Meanwhile, Jill, her mother Gloria and her sister Lisa, have a photo shoot for their book’s cover. Before heading out with Jill for the evening, in a moment of true vulnerability, LuAnn sits down with Gloria and shares that her divorce from the Count is final as of that day. After hugs and sympathy, the two head off to Jill’s event at Saks Fifth Avenue. Drama immediately ensues and someone walks out of the party.
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Tia Carrere barefoot fighting

Tia Carrere kicking guys balls in a towel with barefeet. sorry for the german…
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