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MLB Camera Man Fail

Game 4 ALDS Rays vs. Rangers. Adrian Beltre hits a solo homerun and as he’s headed to home, the camera try’s to get a sweet angle and just eats the turf! So awesome!!!! *This video is owned by MLB, I do not own this* Don’t flag me for copyright infringement.

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Madrid ‘Indignados’ march out against Spain debt crisis fail

Thousands of protesters are packing out central Madrid, angry at the economic woes engulfing Spain. Demonstrators from all across the country have been marching for weeks, to demand quick action to deal with the country’s debt and mass unemployment. RT’s Irina Galushko is in Madrid to hear what the protesters now known as the ‘indignants’ have to say RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:

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Super Bowl 44 Shotgun Infomercial Fail : Original Short

Hoping to cash in on some of the Super Bowl excitement, Clint and Joe-Bob try and sell a special Super Bowl 4-barrel shotgun on there Home Shopping show “Weapons Warehouse”. Any epic fail ensues. Indy Mogul’s Original Shorts are funny short films featuring the effects and props from Indy Mogul’s Backyard FX. Great filmmaking on a budget. Fun, Cheap, Filmmaking. Website: Submit Twitter: Facebook:
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Christina Aguilera SuperBowl FAIL! – EarRapeeeee! -Oh Say Can You Suck!

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Ninja Soccer Kick Win – Spectator Fail

Impressive spinning Tae Kwon Do kick to a soccer ball… you think the dude’s friend would want to stand on the other side of the dojo and avoid getting blasted in the face. While you’re at it, join our ranks: And talk to us on Twitter:
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