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Excursion to the summit of Mount Vesuvius, Vesuvio

Excursion to the summit of Mount Vesuvius follwed by lunch and winetasting. The height of the main cone has been constantly changed by eruptions but is 1281 m (4202 ft) at present. Monte Somma is 1149 m (3770 ft) high, separated from the main cone by the valley of Atrio di Cavallo, which is some 3 miles (5 km) long. The slopes of the mountain are scarred by lava flows but are heavily vegetated, with scrub and forest at higher altitudes and vineyards lower down. Vesuvius is still regarded as an active volcano, although its current activity produces little more than steam from vents at the bottom of the crater.
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Private Italy Tours For The Best Italy Family Holiday | Italy Shore Excursion

Private Italy Tours For The Best Italy Family Holiday | Italy Shore Excursion

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