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Your Disco Needs You Kylie Minogue Olympics Equality Music Video

Let Russia know that LGBT rights are human rights. The world is watching. Your disco needs you! Click To Tweet: United For Equality In Sp…

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Atheists in US demanding religious equality

Over the weekend there was a large gathering of people in DC out near the National Mall – members of the US major secular organizations. It was called the Reason Rally and the goal – to give the people the opportunity to get together with like-minded people and dispel negative opinions held about people who don’t believe in God. Those opinions seem to come up even more in election years. But the rally was hailed as a success and included speakers and even a perfomance by members of the group bad religion. This is something that doesn’t happen on an everyday basis, so David Silverman of the American Atheists shares his opinion on the matter. Like us and/or follow us:
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