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Oct. 18, Malala Yousafzai meets the queen Elizabeth and embraces the Illuminati.

The one million dollar question is WHY they are all over her???

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Penelope Cruz talks Broken Embraces

Pedro Almodovars muse takes on three characters in one

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Penelope Cruz in her sexiest role ever, Broken Embraces

A man writes, lives and loves in darkness. Fourteen years before, he was in a brutal car crash on the island of Lanzarote. In the accident, he not only lost his sight, he also lost Lena, the love of his life. This man uses two names: Harry Caine, a playful pseudonym with which he signs his literary works, stories and scripts, and Mateo Blanco, his real name, with which he lives and signs the film he directs. After the accident, Mateo Blanco reduces himself to his pseudonym, Harry Caine. If he cant direct films he can only survive with the idea that Mateo Blanco died on Lanzarote with his beloved Lena. In the present day, Harry Caine lives thanks to the scripts he writes and to the help he gets from his faithful former production manager, Judit García, and from Diego, her son, his secretary, typist and guide. Since he decided to live and tell stories, Harry is an active, attractive blind man who has developed all his other senses in order to enjoy life, on a basis of irony and self‐induced amnesia. He has erased from his biography any trace of his first identity, Mateo Blanco. One night Diego has an accident and Harry takes care of him (his mother, Judit, is out of Madrid and they decide not to tell her anything so as not to alarm her). During the first nights of his convalescence, Diego asks him about the time when he answered to the name of Mateo Blanco, after a moment of astonishment Harry cant refuse and he tells Diego what happened fourteen years before with the idea
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Penelope Cruz & Pedro Almodovar at Broken Embraces premiere

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz looks great in red outfit at Broken Embraces premiere.. Follow us on twitter at

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