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The Good Shepherd (Widescreen Edition)

The Good Shepherd (Widescreen Edition)

Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro star in this powerful thriller about the birth of the CIA. Edward Wilson (Damon) believes in America, and will sacrifice everything he loves to protect it. But as one of the covert founders of the CIA, Edward’s youthful idealism is slowly eroded by his growing suspicion of the people around him. Everybody has secrets…but will Edward’s destroy him? With an all-star cast including Alec Baldwin, Billy Crudup, William Hurt, Timothy Hutton and John Turturro, it’s the gripping story David Ansen of Newsweek hails as “spellbinding.”

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 1.56

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Minority Report (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition) Reviews

Minority Report (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

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Based on a Philip K. Dick short-story about a time in the future when criminals are arrested before they commit the crime. A future-viewing piece of technology gives police officers this privilege. One cop (Cruise) is caught commiting a crime and now must find out why and how he broke the law in order to change time.

List Price: $ 12.98

Price: $ 2.05

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Irreversible (Special Edition) [NTSC/Region 1&4 dvd. Import - Latin America] Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel (Spanish subtitles) – No English options. Reviews

Irreversible (Special Edition) [NTSC/Region 1&4 dvd. Import - Latin America] Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel (Spanish subtitles) – No English options.

Alguno actos son irreparables. Marcus y su amigo Pierre habrán de sumergirse en una pesadilla de violencia y muerte cuando Alex, la hermosa novia de Marcus, es brutalmente ultrajada y golpeada en un túnel en las entrañas de Paris. Cegados por su deseo de venganza, los dos hombres habrán de seguir el rastro del responsable a lo largo y ancho del sórdido submundo parisino, partiendo de un desenlace que, si bien conocemos de antemano, no deja de ser brutalmente cruel.

List Price: $ 9.00

Price: $ 9.00

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Office Space (Widescreen Edition)

Office Space (Widescreen Edition)

Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston. From Beavis and Butt-Head creator Mike Judge comes this on-the-mark comedy about a beleaguered office worker who decides not to take it any more. 1999/color/89 min/R/widescreen.

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 3.98

Management [Blu-ray]

Jennifer Aniston (Marley & Me, Office Space) and Steve Zahn (Sunshine Cleaning, Saving Silverman) star in this “rare romantic comedy” (Los Angeles Times) that’s bursting with originality, humor and sweetness. It’s lust at first sight for laid-back motel night manager Mike (Zahn) when Sue (Aniston), an uptight sales rep, checks in. Convinced that Sue is his dream girl, Mike shakes up his slacker life in an outrageous pursuit across the country. But can he steal her away from her hot-tempered boyfriend (Woody Harrelson, No Country for Old Men)? Both Mike and Sue must go on their own twisted journeys to find out if what they really need is each other.

Jennifer Aniston Answers Our Questions
A: You play the ‘straight

List Price: $ 17.97

Price: $ 3.95

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There’s Something About Mary (Widescreen Edition)

There’s Something About Mary (Widescreen Edition)

Ted (Ben Stiller) is still in love with his high school prom date, Mary (Cameron Diaz), even though it’s been years after the humiliating incident that cut their date short. Ted hires Pat, a private detective (Matt Dillon) to track her down, but Pat ends up falling in love with her too, starting a battle for Mary’s heart.

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 3.01

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Ghost (Special Collector’s Edition)

Ghost (Special Collector’s Edition)

Patrick Swayze plays a ghost who teams with a psychic (Whoopi Goldberg) to uncover the truth behind his murder – and to rescue his sweetheart (Demi Moore) from a similar fate. “The word of mouth is that Ghost is a must-see romance,” says Entertainment Weekly. Ditto to that!

List Price: $ 12.98

Price: $ 3.52

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Troy (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition) Reviews

Troy (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)

  • Condition: New
  • Format: DVD
  • AC-3; Closed-captioned; Color; Dolby; Dubbed; DVD; Subtitled; Widescreen; NTSC

Brad Pitt picks up a sword and brings a muscular, brooding presence to the role of Greek warrior Achilles in this spectacular retelling of The Iliad. Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger play the legendary lovers who plunge the world into war, Eric Bana portrays the prince who dares to confront Achilles, and Peter O’Toole rules Troy as King Priam. Director Wolfgang Petersen recreates a long-ago world of bireme warships, clashing armies, the massive fortress city and the towering Trojan Horse.DVD Features:
Photo gallery
Theatrical Trailer

List Price: $ 12.98

Price: $ 0.01

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Finding Neverland (Widescreen Edition)

Finding Neverland (Widescreen Edition)

Award winners Johnny Depp (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL), Kate Winslet (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND), Dustin Hoffman, and Julie Christie (TROY, HAMLET) star in this magical tale about one of the world’s greatest storytellers and the people who inspired his masterwork @#Peter Pan.@# Well-known playwright James M. Barrie (Depp) finds his career at a crossroads when his latest play flops and doubters question his future. Then by chance he meets a widow (Winslet) and her four adventurous boys. Together they form a friendship that ignites the imagination needed to produce Barrie’s greatest work! An enchanting big-screen treat with an acclaimed cast of stars, FINDING NEVERLAND has been hailed as one of the year

List Price: $ 9.98

Price: $ 3.79

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GEORGE MICHAEL Going To A Town Symphonica 2014 (Deluxe Edition)

My own recording from the last George Michael Symphonica Concert Wednesday 17 October 2012 Earls Court (London, UK), in his introduction he talks about gay m…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Miss Congeniality (Limited Deluxe Edition)

Miss Congeniality (Limited Deluxe Edition)

Sandra Bullock stars as a bumbling female FBI agent assigned to go undercover as a participant in the Miss United States beauty pageant when it is discovered that one of the contestants is being targeted for murder. Benjamin Bratt leads the undercover team, while also playing the reluctant love interest. Candice Bergen and William Shatner manage the pageant and hire Michael Caine to turn Bullock from rough and tumble agent to stunning beauty queen. The physical transformation is impressive, although the klutzy personality remains. Everything seems to be fine once the killer is suddenly caught, but Bullock suspects there is more to this story, and the truth eventually unfolds with an unexpected twist. For her part, Bullock received a Golden

List Price: $ 5.97

Price: $ 1.99

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