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RuneShark Podcast – Runescape Behind the Scenes May – Live – Queen Black Dragon – Firemaking

Hey guys, please leave a like rating if you like the new style livestreamed podcast with facecams :) If it goes down well we can make it serious series. So today we saw the release of Behind The Scenes May, so what better time to have a great discussion about the future updates coming up, as well as a review looking back on the updates we’ve seen in April. Joining the hosts (Simon + James) today we have Silentc0re and Kieren (Fairytales). Check out their channels; If you missed the start of the LiveStream, don’t worry, the podcast will go live as a video shortly afterwards =) Hope you all enjoy

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Queen Black Dragon LiveStream – RuneScape Update – QBD Boss Fight w/ RuneShark

Thumbs Up if you’re psyched to kill the QBD!!! New to RuneShark? Hit the subscribe button to be notified of all future QBD livestreams/videos + more :) We’re doing multiple streams of the QBD over the next few days, you can get notifications on our twitter; So the day has finally arrived where we see the Queen Black Dragon (QBD) launched into RuneScape! Watch James take on the powerful beast in an attempt to get one of the first kills in the game. In the call we’ll have James, Simon, Kieren (Fairytales) and Ai (Slay n Farm). We’ll be doing an extensive livestream, trying to figure out attacks, combat tactics, and of course going for that all important loot. Who knows, maybe we can get a Dragon Kiteshield or Royal Crossbow? Your comments are going to be crucial to us figuring out the best methods, so make sure to discuss what you’ve discovered below :)
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Queen Black Dragon Livestream THEN testing NEW Royal Crossbow by Born For PvM

Join me and some friends while we attempt to take on the Queen Black Dragon, a brand new boss! I’ll be using Pernix + Ruby bolts and Torva + Rapier as my starting setup.

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Preparations for Queen Black Dragon

Just me talking about the upcoming boss.

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Mark of the Dragon Queen

Mark of the Dragon Queen

Kira has led a sheltered life, brought up by her widowed father, whom she adores. When he is arrested and imprisoned for a murder he allegedly committed 18 years before, she is devastated. So when she overhears an ex-student of her father’s planning to visit the prison, Kira decides to go, too. However, the student – Arun – is not who she thinks he is, and she soon learns that her father has not always been the man of integrity she has known for fifteen years.

Caught in a rebellion against the Lord High Councillor who would return the country to Wizard Rule, Kira finds that there is one more lesson she has to learn – about herself. Success depends on her, but is she willing to make the sacrifice it will require?

A boo


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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi: Android Saga Trailer

Here’s a fresh peek at how the android saga will be featured in the new game Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi based on the famous anime and manga. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content! Check out our other game channels: IGN Home – Call of Duty – http Zelda – Battlefield – Halo – Street Fighter – And more!
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