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Amazing Parma Golosa Italian Food Tours The Cracker! Taste & Crack that wheel! – Parmesan

I have worked in the wonder Italian food tour, Parmigiani Italian food and Gourmet Tourism industry for 3 years and never been invited in so close to the product testing process as this… it was exciting and a fabulous experience the cutting and tasting of this gem. After this the testers continued hammering all day and the next day branded 500 wheels. The men in the Consorzio in the film have normally 4 generations of family history in the product… The ultimate food tour with Parma Golosa Italy. This video intends to introduce the cultural importance of the traditional foods of Parma. Tripadvisor review glow for us…. we love our home Parma and her treasures… taste on! Parmesan and Parma ham are the fabulous food made in this DOP for centuries. Parma has more DOP products than most areas in the world. It is the food capital of the European Food Commission and for good reason… it beats Bologna hands down for great distinctive dining. Most of our tourists undergo a fairly powerful and enjoyable experience standing alongside the makers who live these products generation after generation. It is a fascinating tour, fun, evocative and delicious! Talk to Davide who can book you in even at shortest notice!
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