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The Directors: Ben Affleck on Working with his Brother Casey Affleck

Gus Van Sant and Ben Affleck share what it is like working family members.

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Casey and Ben Affleck Unscripted

Gone Baby Gone interview of ben and casey affleckk for moviefonee :] enjoyyy. I don’t own thisss video, i got it from moviefone, it’s not mine.
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Casey Affleck on Changing Diapers, Ben Affleck & Jesse James

Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz chats with Casey Affleck on his breakthrough roles in “Jesse James” and “Gone Baby Gone” directed by his brother Ben Affleck. Casey tells Estiloz about his role in both films, what it was like to be directed by his brother Ben Affleck in “Gone Baby Gone”… and chats about the joys of both brothers being fathers at the same time. This is a fun, entertaining feature on a talented actor on the edge of becoming an “A”-list star and possible Oscar nominee. This feature was written and produced by Tim Estiloz. It was originaly seen on the TVentertainment program “Backstage” seen on CN8 – The Comcast Network. See more of Tim Estiloz’ entertainment videos on “You Tube” under the title “FilmFanTV”…. and be sure to subscribe. Be sure to visit Tim’s website:
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