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The Butcher’s Wife

The Butcher’s Wife

A FOLKSY SEASIDE CLAIRVOYANT MARRIES A NEW YORK BUTCHER, MOVESTO THE CITY AND CHARMS HER NEW NEIGHBORS.Marina (Demi Moore), a blonde Southern belle with a clairvoyant streak, sees signs–a shooting star with two tails, a snowglobe that washes up on the beach, a wedding band inside of a fish–telling her that her true love is about to come ashore. And soon enough, a boat lands on the beach in front of her home; only the guy inside is a stout butcher from New York City named Leo (George Dzundza). Still, portents are portents, and the next thing you know she’s married and running barefoot around a butcher’s shop in Greenwich Village, where she inspires various residents with her predictions. Leo, however, is creeped out by his wife’s abilities

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Price: $ 27.00

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