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They Went Broke?!: Bankruptcies and Money Disaster of the Rich & Famous Reviews

They Went Broke?!: Bankruptcies and Money Disaster of the Rich & Famous

Filled with the inside information about some of the famous people who filed for bankruptcy, and why: John Wayne, William Penn, Daniel Boone, Judy Garland, Jeffrey Archer, Larry King, Stephen Crane, Oscar Wilde, and many others.

List Price: $ 8.99

Price: $ 7.95

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Help, I broke the glass on my MacBook Pro!

Help, I broke the glass on my MacBook Pro!

We hear this many times each day at TechRestore, followed by additional comments like “Apple said I needed an entire new screen and it would cost 00!” or “The computer dealer I took it to said that there is no way to replace just the broken glass on my MacBook Pro.”

Well, we have good news for you!

Since late 2008,  MacBook Pro laptops have a piece of thin glass installed on top of the LCD screen at the factory. This glass serves a few different purposes:

1. Strength: the glass helps to make your screen housing stiffer and theoretically, stronger. But, if you are reading this article about breaking your glass on your MacBook Pro, then you might question that, yes?

2. Color – there is no doubt that the colors displayed on your MacBook Pro screen are more vivid, brighter and richer when presented behind the glass. The fact that the glass has a mirror-like glare is another issue altogether and will be covered in our next article.

OK, back to you broken glass on your MacBook Pro. TechRestore can help, we can help you fast and we can do it economically.  Our Apple Certified Technicians have mastered the technique of removing the glass on MacBook Pro systems and installing a replacement glass. We use factory glass replacements that look exactly like the original glass and with our proprietary “factory-fit” process, your MacBook Pro will look just like it did before the glass LCD screen cover was broken.

And the best part, we perform this service for customers all over the U.S., with over 2000 local pickup locations. In even better news, we perform the repair in just 24-hours once we receive your MacBook Pro. The cost is just 9, which is just a bit better than 00, right? And finally, we include a 1-year warranty and 1-year of telephone support for your repair. Good stuff.

To learn more about MacBook Pro glass replacement and repair, just visit the TechRestore website at or call 1-888-572-7372 if you can’t see anything through your broken screen.

Help is on the way!

TechRestore, Inc.
115 Mason Circle
Suite E Concord, CA 94520
888-647-3786 Toll-Free
Website Source : Macbook Pro Glass

Just days after the launch of revised MacBook Pro’s, I am pleased to bring you my hands on review of the 13-inch version. This really is a fantastic laptop from the guys and gals at Apple. Please check out the review and enjoy! More great reviews can be viewed on my YouTube Channel or over at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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