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Exclusive: Angelina Jolie Reveals ‘Spending Days Working on Gift Bags for Kids’

The last time Angelina Jolie met with “Extra” correspondent Jerry Penacoli, she admitted she was a “closet geek.” This time, the star revealed, “I spend hours and hours to get the perfect Christmas stocking or gift bag ready.

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How to Fuse Plastic Bags into a Laptop Case – Threadbange…

This week learn how to fuse those unwanted plastic bags into your very own Laptop Case. Do your part and help the Earth Heros fight off the evil Plastic Bag Monster. Here’s a list of links mentioned in this episode: Bag Monster: Threadbanger Forum: Threadbanger blog :
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Stylish Handbags – Large Bags Popular

Stylish Handbags – Large Bags Popular

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone.

Paris is one of the world fashion centre, from the information is often imitated pursued the justification. It is Reported That the Designer of abercrombie sale will Resign Recently Many brands emerge from the Paris Fashion Week, regardless of dress, shoes, or bags, designers are all competing in Paris, meanwhile it also attracts the most attention in fashion. Marvelous Crafts of cheap hair straighteners It’s different from tiny French bag, the handbag of lady have a great change, which is increasing size. Form these newly showed short and fat Louis Vuitton, flat, big YSL Muse ,Hermès Birkin with a huge space etc, we cannot avoid seeing bags’ fashion trend which is ” the bigger the better”.Fantastic discount pandora beads for Mid-summer Day

As you can see,fashionable ladies here often take purses as big as the duffel bags with them. The size of soft leather bag Cabas Touly mauafactured by a famous Paris brand Zadig & Voltaire nearly equal to the permitted luggage size on air by France Air. In 19 styles selected bags of Chanel winter 2008 collection, over half bags have big size. Short and wide Monica Bellucci is the most popular large-sized bag among the soft leather bags of Dior. Yves Saint Laurent launched earlier this year is a good Muse 2 has also taken large models, before the Muse be regarded as a model in France.

The big bag fashion is not limited in France, the famous brand of Italy has redesigned the small-size Baguette, which lead the fahion trend in last century, and presents king of big bag. It is said that the large-sized handbags produced by Hermès Birkin are designed and produced by the inspiration of the encounter on plane between the CEO and British singer Jane Birkin. American in the Los Angeles times of blog in fashion have been proposed such a problem “large handbags could kill.” Monrovia carrying large raise with a walk, often the swing will be packet collisions, as if constantly doing hip check, which can seen as harm. If you attend a luncheon or nightclub in Hollywood, it’s normal for you to have constant attacks from big bags.

On the Greatest’It’Bags Ever event held by the which is the most popular net fashion magzine in Britain recently, more than a half of the top ten brands are big bags which are designed by French designer. Among these, Birkin is the top 1, and Lariat bag designed by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga and Murakami purse of Louis Vuitton are included as well. Birkin is ranked top 1st, in addition, Lariat bag which Nicolas Ghesquière designed for Balenciaga and MUrakami purse by Louis Vuitton are also on the top. There are almost everything you need in that large handbag, such as your leather shoes for the evening party, clothes for exercising or the things you need when you are hurrying for a flight at weekend.

To these big handbags which leading the fashion, 1000 U.S. dollars per one is no longer a legend price. There are advantages of big bags. It is economical for bag lovers with less enough money. A bag solves all problems. In their opinion, buy a ,000 euros than 600 euro buys a mini package deal. The big advantage on the volume of originality can let designer is very easy, strikingly displayed, and at the same time, large capacity increases the practicability, should become new lover. If there were not enough interlayer inside the bag and once the bag was filled with objects it’s not an easy thing to find one of them.

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