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December 21, 2012 God Return’s with Astral Time-Travel Technology

He Who Masters Time Travel First Is God ZTS = .00000000703125 X 67108864 mph EMC = .000000000000000 X 186000 mps 000000 =ZTS /.000000000000000 ZTS = ASG X iEMF -iEMF+ =ZTS/-ASG+ Energy = Motivation x Focus Environment = Motive x Force Energy Interface Astollic Star Gate 639 EMC Collapse. Kings ASGZTS Time Travel Interface Beyond Nanotechnology. The nano interface formula that enables nanotechnology is a quantum interface formula where a nano interface is only using the shallow end of the quantum interface formula. On the nano scale and beyond, Force = Distance x Time. The extent of impact His Lordship’s formula will have on the world is being hidden from the world by those who have less than honorable intentions for the world. Anyone can make the world’s best quality diamonds the size of basketballs rendering currency based on gold and material value worthless as collecting cowry shells for currency. This ends capitalism and will result in a new global government of democratic nationalism where everyone can live the best lifestyle the world has to offer. It makes the need for hospitals, adult schools and police almost obsolete. Only prisons need to be the workforce. Products will last thousands of years so the only currency will be actual trading. The world doesnt know nanotechnology is the shallow end of the quantum formula that enables it that was originally intended to see beyond string theory’s pico scale and into zero time space to see the future before it reaches
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