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Arrested Development tribute: George Michael

Some snippets of George Michael (Michael Cera) played to Help!
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Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody !! !!Best Thing You Have Ever Seen!!

Pakistanis’ Racist Abuse On London Underground Line: Video Description: Robert Wilkinson, got arrested for intoxication and didn’t agree with the charges.After pleading his case, he decides to belt out his emotions… through the music of Queen. Cute Cat Massaging Pug: Watch This Amazing Inspirational:

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US war vet gets arrested at Occupy LA

Michael Prysner, an Iraq war veteran, found himself on the other side of the law when police cracked down on Occupy LA earlier this week. Prysner who has turned activist tells us about his experience when he was arrested. Follow Liz on Twitter at
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Hundreds arrested in Tripoli, Black Peoples case Critical 09.09.11, NATO Crimes In Libya

BREAKING NEWS Directly from Libya by witnesses US Congressman Witnessed European Special Forces Beheading Libyans Attention! RATS WILL TRY TO PLAY THE SAME DIRTY GAME! Today, the rats of the media will be lying about the taking of the city Bani-Walid, and about deaths of Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al Islam and Musa Ibrahim. To do this, they made a photomontage. “Al-Jazeera”, which has already started to lie about the fighting in the streets of Bani-Walid, is ready to release the pre-assembled for the occasion and premade in the cities of eastern Libya videos of jubilant militants allegedly seized Bani Walid. Do not believe this news, they aim to hide the armed resistance to the invaders of Libya, to hide the failure of NATO and the rebels to seize and hold the city. The main thing is they are trying to lower the morale and resistance, do not listen to the news. Kill the invaders! Please read news and spread it like a comments under every video about Libya and every channel. Spread the news over the net. We must brake Information blockade. HELP PEOPLE OF LIBYA http – youtube channel of our frind Moussa
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