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Places to Stay in Kissimmee, Florida – Orlando Area Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Kissimmee offers a huge selection of close-to-everything accommodations, with a variety of features and services to satisfy every vacation need and budget. For more information on hotels and vacation rentals, visit
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Dicas do Windows 7 – Conhecendo a Área de trabalho – Baixaki

Este vídeo é para você que ainda não teve muito contato com o Windows Seven e quer saber mais sobre ele. Vamos mostrar rapidamente a Área de trabalho, e você vai ver como ela é mais prática e intuitiva do que as versões anteriores do Windows. Música por Kevin MacLeod :: ::

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Raw Video: Clooney Tours Italy’s Quake Area

George Clooney toured the ruins of Italy’s recent earthquake and told the survivors he’ll shoot a film there. The actor visited while the G-8 summit is going on in L’Aquila. The April 6 quake left thousands homeless and killed nearly 300 people. (July 9)
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**Water Cut Off to California City** – Mendota 41% Unemployment, Federal Disaster Area What happens when you introduce wacky evironmental regulation and taxes like cap an trade into a credit collapse, hyperinflationary economic situation? Meet your future, 41% unemployment Disaster Request for a Drought-Hit County in California Governor gets firsthand look at water shortage Despair flows as fields go dry and unemployment rises

Joey Preston put together and edited the video y’all see here with additional video and stills by Keith Lake. All credit and thanks for this creation should go to Joey. I’m just the smuck that put it on YouTube for y’all. This is video of the last public skydive done at Skydive California City on 25 Nov, 2007 before the drop zone closed its doors. It was a “typical” Cal City sunset load; as it should have been. Blue Skies to Skydive California City and all the folks that used to jump and/or just hang out there. We sure all miss the place.
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