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New York City – Video tour of a furnished apartment on 10th Avenue & 18th Street (Chelsea)

Hello and welcome to another New York Habitat furnished apartment video tour. Our tour today takes us a studio apartment in Chelsea, an exceptional neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. For more information abut this Loft Studio : Let’s check it out! Upon entering this spacious and bright studio apartment you will notice the nicely separated living areas. First to your left you will find one of two sleeping alcoves. This alcove comes with a double sized bed. Next is the office area. This area is equipped with two desks. Across from the office area you will find the bathroom. This bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and shower. Next to the bathroom you will find the kitchen. This open kitchen is fully equipped with all amenities needed for preparing meals, including a microwave and a coffee maker. Of course dishware and utensils are provided. Across from the kitchen you will find the second sleeping alcove. This sleeping alcove has a queen size bed. Lastly is the living room area. This furnished living room area has a TV with cable and a dining table with chairs. There is also a double size sofa bed for extra sleeping comfort. Also in the building and just outside the apartment you will find a washer and dryer at your disposal. Now that we have seen the apartment, let’s head out and see what Chelsea has to offer! Our first stop is High Line Park. Open to the public in 2009, this 1-mile stretch of park was built on a former elevated railroad which overlooks

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Manhattan shoebox apartment: a 78-square-foot mini studio

A couple years ago, Manhattan architect Luke Clark Tyler, lived in a 96 square foot apartment. Instead of upsizing with his latest move, he chose to squeeze himself and his belongings into even less space. Luke now lives in a 78 square foot shoebox studio. It’s too narrow to fit a bed lengthwise, but using a bit of plywood and 2x4s he built his own custom bed/couch. He keeps his clothes, plates, microwave, books, spices and shaving and cleaning supplies in a large built-in cabinet. The rest of his kitchen is a tiny refrigerator that helps hold up his desk (he works for home as a contract architect). While he admits he misses being able to cook a real meal- though he’s vegetarian so eats a lot of vegetables and nuts and can even microwave eggs- Luke doesn’t see living small as a sacrifice. He loves living in the heart of New York City- his place is in Midtown Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen- and he likes paying just 0/month (cheaper than the shared housing he could find in the area). Luke’s website: Original story:
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The Apartment

The Apartment

Max, a young corporate hotshot, leaves his successful new world behind to search for his elusive lost love Lisa. His mad quest begins after he accidentally overhears Lisa’s melodic voice speaking in the phone booth next door. But before he knows it, she is gone. Still, he is so elated that he abandons his plans, lies to his fiancee, and after leaving his luggage with his pal Lucien, sets off to find her. The hunt leads to a fabulous apartment, where he saves a girl from a suicide thinking that she is Lisa. But this girl, Alice is as drab and mousy as Max’s Lisa is beautifully feline. Max becomes involved with Alice, unaware that she also dates Lucien.Meanwhile the real Lisa attempts to break free from her obsessive rich lover who may have m

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Remember Me, My Love


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