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Annihilation – The Power of a Queen (Annihilation Series (book Two)) Reviews

Annihilation – The Power of a Queen (Annihilation Series (book Two))

The Humans have destroyed 2,000 Alliance Warships and now they are taking the war to the worlds responsible for attempting to destroy Earth. The Alliance still has more than 48,000 Warships but the way things are going, they may not be enough. A new Queen has come to power and her impact on the struggle will be monumental.

The Annihilation Trilogy continues in the second book and the adventure intensifies as the forces arrayed against humanity are coming enmass. Hang on. The ride gets more intense.

Excerpt from Power of A Queen

“Warleader, we are in position.”
‘Start your acceleration now.”

Lt. Minishe said, “Sir the ten ships have turned and are accelerating toward our fort.”

List Price: $ 3.99

Price: $ 3.99

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