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Silicon Valley Gets Its Own Airline

A select group of entrepreneurs, executives and venture capitalists have been selected to participate in a beta test for a new small commuter airline serving Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. SurfAir launches its preview period this month. It’s a subscription model much like Netflix. Instead of DVD’s, members book flights. They can take multiple flights per month for less than 00.
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Airline: The Story of Pan Am

Documentary telling the story of how Pan American World Airways kickstarted the jet-age and shrank the globe. Real-life ‘Pan Am girls’ recall a high-life of luxury and glamour; rubbing shoulders with celebrity passengers, international romances and having to wear the now infamous girdle. Stars of the jet-age such as Robert Vaughn and Mary Quant remember the food, fashion and girls that made them regular Pan Am passengers. Pan Am’s success was largely due to its visionary founder Juan Trippe, who transformed a small mail carrier in to a global airline, pioneered flights for the masses and helped create the Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Honor Blackman narrates the story of how Pan Am conquered the skies and left a legacy of affordable travel and a much smaller world

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