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8bit Zardoz intro

Sadly this game doesn’t really exist, if it did I’d sure like to play it. I realize the audio isn’t entirely 8bit, more like 8/16 bit. Maybe more like Amiga game music than Atari or Nintendo. I just couldn’t imagine it without the Zardoz voice.

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DUO ADEPT: An 8-bit Homebrew Computer

The DUO Adept is an 8-bit homebrew TTL CPU + GPU I have designed and built. As a challenge I used only basic kinds of logic chips; no microcontroller or video card. It has a black and white TV monitor and keyboard, and is generally awesome! Oh, and I forgot to mention: I made this when I was a highschooler with no formal education in electronics. :) For more information about the machine, please go to this page:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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