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The Who Superbowl S-mashup GS 485k part I (X Drums Rock Band 2)

Well that kinda ruined it… If you were wondering why this wend up without part II it’s because it got uploaded right before youtube went on maintenance last night, so of course I couldn’t make it private, or edit it, or remove it, etc. Whatever. I’ll put up pt. II when I get back from class. Late tonight I’ll start to roll out the Rust in Peace videos. As for what I think about the S-mashup, I loved it. I thought it was great, and honestly people need to cut Starkey some slack. He’s not Keith Moon, but he’s a great drummer in his own way, and he takes the songs and really makes them his own. That’s more important, imo, than just being a Moon emulator. http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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