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Resistance Training Exercises

Resistance Training Exercises that Fits Your Daily Routine.

Fitness experts hear it all the time: I just don’t have the time to go to the gym. This is not just an excuse but just a fact of life for most of us. Between making the kids breakfast, packing them off to school, getting yourself ready for work, working all day, coming home to fix supper, etc., etc, who has time to pamper themselves any more these days? Sure, we all know the physical problems that we will get if we don’t take time to exercise but we just canít seem to fit any into our busy lifestyles.

The problem is that if you don’t exercise regularly you will not have the energy to cope with the daily grind. It is a well established fact that people who do regular exercise have more energy, get sick less often, and have a much more positive mental attitude about life than those who do not.

You don’t need to go to a gym to do resistance training exercises. All you really need is your body and something to push against. One of the easiest resistance training exercises is the good old pushup where the resistance comes from gravity as you push your body off the floor with your arms. Pushups are difficult for many people that are not in peak condition.

If you have any kind of obesity problem or arthritis you could have trouble doing regular pushups. Experts suggest that you do an incline pushup which are much easier to do. Instead of pushing up off the floor, you push off of a bench or some other raised fixed surface that you can put your palms on. If you still can’t do these then you can do the cheat pushups with your knees on the ground.

Pull-ups are another one of the most popular resistance training exercises. The resistance in this case comes from gravity again. Standard pull-ups where you are actually suspending your body in the air are very difficult to do for most people who are not in great physical condition. For overweight people or people with less upper body strength experts suggest a moderated pull-up where the person’s feet never actually leave the ground and they just pull themselves up as far as they can. This helps to stretch the muscles of the arms and the shoulders and can still be difficult enough to give you a great arm workout.

Isometrics have long been good resistance training exercises and one great isometric routine is to just push your cupped hands against each other in front of you, pushing as hard as you can from both sides. You need to flex your muscles while pushing your arms together, then relax for a few seconds while your recover, then do it again. These types of exercise can give you great upper body strength and do not take much time or any special equipment.

You can do tricep pushups by using a bench and facing away from the bench, extending your legs out while holding your body off the bench with your arms behind you. Try and go down as far as you can and then up again. This works the backs of the arms and with enough repetitions will give you a great workout.

Resistance training exercises do not always require weights, though it can help to have some small, light dumb bells around for a quick routine. Pick up the light dumb bells and stand with your legs slightly apart. Throw slow punches with the weights in your hands, alternating arms. This is a great shoulder and arm workout and will give you a good punch after you do it long enough.

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Reducing Blood Pressure

Reducing Blood Pressure Can be Accomplished in Several Ways.

I’m someone who has had to deal with high blood pressure most of my adult life, and I have studied different ways of reducing it that do not require medication. What I have found is that there are many ways of reducing blood pressure that cost little or nothing and can be done on your own without a doctor’s assistance.
The first thing that I discovered when visiting a local vitamin shop was a supplement called Blood Pressure Factor. It includes a number of natural ingredients in a pill that you can take three times a day. I have never taken Blood Pressure Factor personally, but I had a friend who was not very active who started taking it and said it did lower his blood pressure a number of points. It was not very expensive, either.

I have also heard of a number of foods that, when eaten as part of a balanced diet, can really help in reducing blood pressure. These foods include skim milk, spinach, unsalted sunflower seeds, soybeans, potatoes, bananas, and even dark chocolate. It is kind of comforting to know that you can lower your blood pressure through your diet as well.

One of the best things to do for reducing blood pressure is to exercise, and in particular, walk, on a regular basis. I read one study that said walking daily is thought to be as good as taking blood pressure medication in terms of keeping your blood pressure under control, not to mention that it will help you to stay in shape, which brings me to my next point.
If you are looking at reducing blood pressure and are overweight, it is important to understand that being overweight can cause a person to have high blood pressure, and often times the blood pressure will come down as the weight comes off.
Other things that are important in reducing blood pressure include watching your salt intake and trying to manage your stress level. A good thing to do if you have a very high-stress life is to do yoga or Pilates, or learn relaxation techniques.

One should also avoid smoking to reduce blood pressure, as well as drinking to excess. Drinking a little bit, however, particularly wine, is thought to be good for your heart and should not be cut out completely.

There are many things that can be done if you are looking at reducing blood pressure, and they don’t all involve a trip to the doctor or getting on medication. In some cases, taking a prescribed medication is the only way to get your blood pressure down, but I would give some of these other things a try first.

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Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition and Wellness are Forever Linked

As a person who has worked and sometimes struggled with his health and fitness for most of my life, I have come to understand that nutrition and wellness are forever linked and critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My father had to go through heart surgery eight years ago, and when he got out of the hospital, he had a problem with his stomach where he could not eat without feeling nauseous. There were a few things that did not bother him as much, so we loaded up on those items, like bread, crackers, chicken and so forth, and that was pretty much all that he ate for a month or two.
It was not long before I realized that proper nutrition and wellness are forever linked, because he became very lethargic and achy. He would tell us that he felt weak and didn’t really have the energy to do much of anything.

The problem was, he was supposed to be doing physical therapy to rebuild his strength and get back into shape, but he did not feel like doing anything. He was also getting tired of the diet he was on, because it was rather bland and he was eating the same things over and over. He was taking a multivitamin, but I still had a suspicion that he needed to be eating a more balanced diet.
I went online and found a web site where doctors would answer questions about a variety of topics, so I decided to ask about nutrition and wellness, and see what a professional had to say. The doctor who responded confirmed my suspicions and was actually kind enough to outline a diet plan that was balanced but still mild enough to not upset my father’s stomach.

I went to the store that night with my mother, and we bought the various foods that the doctor had recommended and started my father on that diet the next day. It worked like a charm.

Within a week, he was feeling more energetic and was not tired nearly as often. Within two weeks, he started going to physical therapy three times a week and was rebuilding his muscle in the process. After a month, he was walking around with no problem at all. It was almost as if he had never had the surgery.
It is amazing to me how good nutrition and wellness go hand in hand, and what I mean by that is how much nutrition helps you recover from physical or medical problems. Whenever I talk to somebody that is going through surgery, is injured or has an illness, I always tell them to make sure they are eating a nutritious diet. My father is a prime example of how much it can help.

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Aerobic Fitness for Champions

Olympic champions have their own scientific training methods these days and with the amount of competition from all over the world they need to have even the slightest edge in order to beat out their opponents. For most people that are looking for an effective workout the object is the same and that is getting fit. It can be just as challenging for a regular person to achieve a standard level of fitness as it is for an Olympic competitor to shape up and win a gold medal.

Aerobic fitness is the key to any sustainable workout regimen and can lead to fantastic results if done properly. One of the key elements to a great aerobic fitness routine is that it not be routine. You need to change up your workout in order to keep yourself interested and also to confuse your muscle memory.

One of the most common complaints about going to the gym that fitness gurus hear is it is so boring. There is no reason that a person should limit themselves to using the treadmill or exercise bike at the gym for their aerobic exercises. Unless you live at the North Pole, you should have decent enough weather to get out and walk or jog a few miles each day, at least three days per week. Getting outdoors is a great way to get your aerobic fitness in and not get totally bored to death. Find a big hill or wooded area near your home or office and climb that bad boy, or start riding your bike to work instead of driving. You will burn calories, get in shape and help the environment at the same time.

Fitness trainers tell us that muscles have memory. If you do the same exercises all the time you will get some results but not as great as if you changed up the exercises. This is because muscles have a type of memory and will start to get used to any exercise. That is why the first time you do something it hurts the next day, but if you do it again it hurts less until eventually it stops hurting at all. You need to keep the muscles burning and hurting. If they are not hurting then your aerobic fitness routine is too predictable. You should run one day, bike the next, climb the next day, and so on. It is alright to go to the gym a couple of times per week but try something new each time. One day it could be the reclining bike, the next day try the step machine. This will confuse the muscle memory and lead to much more evident results.

Situps and pushups are also great aerobic fitness routines. These will get your heart rate moving and yet give you great results. Just be careful when you do situps to keep your lower back as flat as possible. Crunches and leg lifts are best when done from the bench (reclining) or from an exercise ball. Putting weights in your hands as you crunch can be effective too. Pushups can be kind of difficult if you donít have a lot of upper body strength but anyone can do them if they donít get flat on the ground but rather lean into the side of the exercise bench a few feet off the floor.

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Rice Cereal

Starting Baby With Rice Cereal.

Most doctors will tell you to give your baby rice cereal for their first solid food. It’s not really solid, but it does present a different type of food and will be a bit harder to digest than the breast milk or formula your baby has been having exclusively up until this point. As long as you wait for the right age, and give the cereal in the correct way, you should not have too many problems when you start. Things have changed, and doctors have different recommendations with cereals that you should follow when starting.

Rice cereal is still the first cereal or food that is recommended by doctors. This is because it is very easy to digest and causes very little digestive upset. However, if you feed it to your baby too soon, they could have excess gas and other stomach upset because their bodies are not yet able to fully digest the cereal. Do not start before your doctor tells you to. Eating cereal is an addition to most formula or breast feedings at first, and will not make your baby sleep through the night. Do not start rice cereal too early for that reason alone.

You can start, for the most part, giving rice cereal when your baby is between four and six months of age. They should have great head and neck control, and should be able to sit up while supported, and later sit up on their own. If they can not sit up, they are not going to be able to swallow the rice cereal in the right way and they could choke.

Baby should be interested in your eating habits, and they will have to learn to use their tongue in a different way. Be patient when you start and don’t give them too much.

Do not feed rice cereal to your baby through a bottle. They should start right away eating from a spoon. The only time bottle feeding cereal is done is for reflux reasons, but you should never do it otherwise.

They need to learn to eat from a spoon and this is the time to do it. Start out with very watery consistency (mixing the cereal with breast milk or formula) and only give a few bits. After they seem to get the hang of it, you can allow the cereal to be a bit thicker and they can have more of it. They may have it twice a day once they get the hang of it.

Rice cereal does not agree with all babies. Some parents skip it and go to oatmeal because they feel the oatmeal is a better choice. Most babies can do this without problems. Oatmeal single grain cereal can be started and fed to baby in the very same way that rice cereal is given. If you feel your baby is having problems with cereal, talk to your doctor about what is going on and what they think you should do. Some babies start cereal late and that is okay, as their bodies simply are not ready for it.

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Nitroglycerin for Heart Angina

Nitroglycerin for Heart Angina- Do you use an Unapproved Pill?

Have you heard of nitroglycerin? It’s a drug that gets millions of prescriptions from American doctors every year for people who are at risk of heart attack or heart angina. When you get your symptoms, you’re supposed to pick up a pill, and tuck it under your tongue for emergency relief. And now it turns out, that those pills may not have been doing as much good as they should have – because more than half of the generic and other versions of nitroglycerin that have been on the market for years, have not had their effectiveness checked out by the FDA.

This problem only erupted late in March when many physicians happened to independently find that the heart pain and heart angina drugs you get at your local pharmacy are usually completely unapproved brands. No one really knows how many people suffered or died because of this. You might think that “unapproved” doesn’t sound like a huge deal; it’s still nitroglycerin; so what if it wasn’t tested by the FDA? That is exactly how science begins to slip. The absolutely rigorous scientific standards that we have come to depend on and enjoy in our modern existence have come to be taken so for granted, that we’ve forgotten how difficult it was to establish quality in this country in the first place. Unless something is proven down to the last doubt, it should be taken to be an unknown quantity. Ineffectually treated heart angina can actually can actually lead to a heart attack.

The problem is that the FDA has been underfunded for decades, and hasn’t really gotten around the work of approving or rejecting thousands of drug applications. They are finally taking things seriously, and have sent orders to a couple of drugmakers to tell them to stop selling their products. There is just one brand of approved nitroglycerin – it’s kind of expensive, and it is Nitrostat by Pfizer. When you get the symptoms of heart angina, the drug placed under your tongue dissolves very quickly, gets into the blood, and attempts to dilate the coronary artery so that your heart will have an easier time. In a considerable number of heart patients, this action can actually save their lives.

The generic makers have a good argument too. Nitroglycerin is a really old drug – it was around even before the FDA was formed in 1938. Drugmakers feel that they don’t really need to comply with the FDA approval system, if they were on the market long before the FDA was even born. The government says that their argument is wrong and there is no grandfathering clause applicable to heart drugs. Meanwhile, there are lots of unapproved generics still available all over the place. Until stores run out of old stocks, you just have your luck to depend on, getting the right stuff.

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