Madara Reviews


Born of legendary origins, the young Madara has grown up in obscurity as an apprentice blacksmith. An encounter with the demonic Mouki reveals his destiny, and catapults him into the middle of a mystic quest. Madara fights for revenge with the help of freedom fighters, magical swords and Kirin, the master of the Majin. His goal is to defeat his brother and then overthrow his father, the despotic Miroku.Based on a manga by Akitaka Tajima, this 1991 sword-and-sorcery OVA centers on a spikey haired cyborg or “gimmick.” Madara travels with the man he believes is his grandfather as itinerant blacksmiths, but when they battle an army of werewolves, he discovers he’s really the son of the demonic lord Miroku. To defeat his evil father, Mada

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