How to Help Your Baby Understand Pregnancy (The Baby Book)

The new baby boy is almost here, and Alecia and Grandma are trying to help Knox understand that he won’t be the baby anymore. Alecia has bought two children’s books to help him on the subject. What books have you used to help your child? Let us know in the comments below! And please send Alecia some of your baby videos and photos! We will feature them in our daily “Cute kid of the Day” on facebook and twitter! Check them out! Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: And don’t forget to Subscribe the channel, and let us know what you think. Do you have any questions for Alecia? Subscribe Here: Check out Alecia’s book: “The Queen of Kentucky” Great Ideas for Baby Names: Great Savings here: Check out this Jersey mom! Subscribe Here: The Baby Book is a weekly vlog hosted by Alecia Whitaker. Alecia, author of “Queen of Kentucky”, will share her story on everything from thinking about having a child to the terrible two (or threes!). If you have child raising topic you’d like Alecia to talk about please write it in the comments below!
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