euronews cinema – Channing Tatum on Magic Mike and his stripper past Oscar-winning director Steven Soderberg’s latest film Magic Mike is about a veteran male stripper – played by Channing Tatum – who teaches a newcomer (Alex Pettyfer) about the business and how to square his job with his real life. Tatum worked as a stripper when he was 18 to pay the rent and the story is based in part on his experiences. Commenting on revisiting his old job he said: “It’s a bit weird, I have to be honest. As the curtain was about to move back I was like, ‘Wow, did I want to do this again? Did I want to do this again? Why did I want to do this again?’ It’s not something that you go into very boldly because you’re going to be in front of about 250 women, butt naked. It’s very humbling.” Find us on: Youtube Facebook Twitter