Episode 427

While accompanying Hugh Rose to the gate, Karma and Ghaus can’t figure out why Laxmibai accepted the invitation of the evil British. Meanwhile, Rao Dulajo who is with Hugh Rose informs him that he was Nelson’s friend, so Hugh Rose replies that he is aware of his loyalty to the East India Company. Karma and Ghaus Khan get surprised to hear Hugh Rose speak to them in Hindi. Queen Victoria is jubilant to hear that Laxmibai has agreed to attend the party. Hugh Rose tells Hamilton that the queen has personally sent a guest list from England about the British generals attending the party because they are specialists in massacres. Hugh Rose assures Hamilton that Laxmibai and the other kings will attend the party, so the generals could finish them all in one go. Meanwhile, Rao Dulajo sees Ladai Sarkar attending the meeting of the revolutionaries and smears his face with colour so that he is not recognised. The kings and princes of other kingdoms are displeased with Laxmibai’s decision. Laxmibai announces that the revolution date will be changed to June 1 from June 23 because all the British officials will be together, so they could target everyone in one go! The kings promise to support Laxmibai. She decides to use the cake as a weapon by placing explosives in it. Karma notices something amiss in the meeting. Laxmibai asks Nana Saheb to keep an eye on Hugh Rose’s progress. Meanwhile, Queen Victoria signs the order giving Hugh Rose the complete power to finish off Queen Laxmibai!
Video Rating: 3 / 5