Winds of Change | Gaucho Entrepreneur by Ideami | Entrepreneurship Documentary

An Argentinian entrepreneur on a quest to pitch his startup idea in Silicon Valley. A Journey through the excitement and challenges of being an entrepreneur. The word “Winds” in the title refers to the startup of the main character Nacho, which is a startup that produces a low power eolic generator with innovative technology from hybrid cars for people and homes isolated from the electricity network, with the objetive of optimizing natural resources with power electronics) The word “Change” refers to the ever flowing changing nature of the entrepreneurial mindset. Written & Directed by Javier Ideami Executive Production: Ideami Studios Production Team: Javier Ideami & Rebeca Hwang Cast: Jeff Hoffman Cofounder Daniel Kottke Engineer, Inventor Rebeca Hwang CEO YouNoodle Nacho Ayanz Founder ALP Group Tod Francis Shasta Ventures Henrik Scheel CEO Startup Experience Evan Reas Cofounder/CEO Circle David R. Barnes Banks of Wisconsin Extras: Fernando Johann Manuel Morato Roberto Gallo Inseong JO michael Ajao Joseph Olayinka Nancy Fuentes Vivian Wang Claudio Camacho Karishma Shah Wanni and Teddy
Video Rating: 4 / 5