My Top 50 Aerosmith Songs

A little surprise for reaching 50 subs in less than 2 months! Instead of posting a show, I posted my top 50 Aerosmith songs, please don’t stone me. I will make another when “Music From Another Dimension!” is released, (SPOILER) Legendary Child is the only song from the album included because I cannot judge the others (Beautiful/ Oh Yeah) until I have heard a studio version. All pictures have been taken from my vast collection, and all clips come from their respected albums. New “Music From Another Dimension” Tracklisting: 01. LUV XXX 02. Oh Yeah 03. Beautiful 04. Tell Me 05. Out Go The Lights 06. Legendary Child 07. What Could Have Been Love 08. Street Jesus 09. Can’t Stop Loving You (Feat; Carrie Underwood) 10. Lover A Lot 11. We All Fall Down 12. Freedom Fighter 13. Closer 14. Something 15. Another Last Goodbye –Deluxe– 16. Up On The Mountain 17. Oasis In The Night 18. Sunny Side Of Love –Euro Edition– 19. Shakey Ground
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