Florida is the southernmost state of the USA, where for most of the time, the sun shines truly bright – a place of excitement and joie de vivre! Miami is a magnificent holiday resort that boasts some of the finest entertainment parks in the world and is the home of the rich and super rich and where both flamboyance and kitsch reign supreme. The Metro-Dade Cultural Center is situated Downtown, where several Spanish-style buildings surround a large plaza that is decorated with colorful and contemporary works of art. The Florida Keys are a group of 31 coral islands on the southern point of Florida that extend from Miami to the Caribbean. The first and largest of which is Key Largo, made famous by a Hollywood movie of the same name. Bonita Springs, with its Everglades Wonder Gardens, is situated northwest of Miami, close to the Gulf of Mexico and features the animals of the Everglades. This wildlife refuge was created in 1936 and was later enlarged with botanical gardens and further animals from all over the world. On the east coast of the Florida Peninsula, Cape Canaveral juts out into the Atlantic. As far back as 1949, the ‘Rocket Trials Zone’ as it was known then, there was built an area that has been further developed and extended to become the world famous ‘Cape Canaveral’ Space Station that it is today. Today, Fort Lauderdale is a popular residential area located on the south Atlantic coast, where its harbor and sandy beaches are situated in front of newly built
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