NBA 2K13 IGN Gameplay Analysis – Lakers vs. Heat

Almost a full quarter of gameplay provided by IGN. The Lakers are controlled by the CPU and the Heat controlled by a user. Here’s my analysis of this gameplay. Click the time stamps to jump to specific spots. Some good things and bad things shown in this video. Only 1 instance of shot clock cheese. 0:23 Dwight Howard pops a mid range jumper 2:10 Shot clock cheese sighting 2:35 Good triple threat sequence 5:41 LeBron to Wade alley oop 6:07 LeBron spins and drives baseline 6:40 Kobe tries to follow his shot, kicks leg out 6:55 LeBron’s too fast for Artest 8:04 Kobe’s getting old! 8:15 LeBron uses dribble moves to avoid double team 10:08 Kobe letting the mamba loose 10:24 Wade goes through defense like its not there Here’s the IGN writeup My Facebook and Twitter

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