[4500 Subscribers] Who I am from the start — My Journey from 2004.

Facebook: Sophii Ball Twitter: @SophiiBall1 HD it! My description would be to long so heres to info on the main bits! I started riding when I was 4 years old at a local riding school gave up for a few years then got back into it. Me and my family then went over to the US and stayed on a ranch and that’s where I really got into riding! I didn’t even sleep more than 2 hours each night because I was so excited about riding again the next day! Maple: Maple was my first ever horse, she was a beautiful 15.2 skewbald mare. Me and my dad didn’t really know much about buying horses and we didn’t get her vetted and it turned out she had quite a few problems. She was only 4 years old and very temperamental until it got to the point where I couldn’t even lead her anymore. She could no longer be ridden for at least 6 months and we decided she really wasn’t for us and put her in part exchange for Bamalam at the riding school we bought her from. Bamalam A Ding Dong: well he was my 2nd pony. He had jumped to a high level when we got him with his previous owner but like most jumpers a lot of them are smart. As soon as I got him he knew he could take the mick most of the time we didn’t even get as far as getting in the ring! We travelled up to the championships which was 9 hours travelling and for two years I couldn’t even get him over one fence! I have to admit I wanted to sell him but my dad wanted to pursue him and im glad we did. On the start of the third year travelling to wales we
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