Taylor Swift: Her Song

Taylor Swift: Her Song

  • Taylor Swift
  • Country Music
  • Photographs
  • Full color

You can learn all about Taylor Swift in this awesome book filled with pictures and tons of fun facts! Taylor Swift has wanted to be a star since she was six years old. It was difficult, but she never gave up on her dream. Today, she is one of the biggest names in pop and country music.

List Price: $ 1.32

Price: $ 1.32

Karaoke: Taylor Swift 2

Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) – Fifteen – Invisible – I Heart ? – A Perfectly Good Heart – Cold As You – You’re Not Sorry – A Place In This World – Stay Beautiful – Forever & Always – Beautiful Eyes – Way I Loved You, The – Tied Together With A Smile – Last Christmas .

List Price: $ 13.98

Price: $ 15.98