Ben Affleck, David Cameron and Agenda 21

We must all be VERY aware of the approach of UN Agenda 21 and stop peacefully but firmly reverse its approach. Here I talk about a few articles of news and so I have noticed myself that point to the relentless and stealthy attack on our liberties, sovereignties, wealth and health by UN Agenda 21. Here are some links concerning what I have talked about: Ben Affleck Defends TSA ‘Dick Grabbing’ – Brussels paying thousands of young jobless Europeans to come and work in Britain – WHY I’D USE A SECRET TRACKER TO KEEP MY CHILDREN SAFE – CHIP FREE SCHOOLS – The SPIN on Statins most probably about selling them to you (an example) – STATINS SLASH CANCER RISK TRUTH on statins – Contract between CCA and State of Arizona – Private Prison Company to Demand 90% Occupancy – David Cameron to outline ‘tough’ law and order stance – Nick Boles being questioned –