Schwinn Sting-Ray (Bicycle Books)

Schwinn Sting-Ray (Bicycle Books)

The stunning colors, aggressive styling, and “coolest-bike-ever” attitude of Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycles are captured in this look at the bikes that were highly coveted in the 1960s and are highly collectible today.For more than a decade beginning in 1963, Schwinn’s Sting-Ray (and derivative Fastback and Krate models) ruled the sidewalks of America. The Sting-Ray’s outrageous appearance appealed to bike-riding kids for the same reasons muscle cars and choppers appealed to their older siblings. With its high-rise handlebars, banana seat, and wide rear tire, the Sting-Ray looked fast even when parked in front of the dime store.

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Spirit of the Huaorani: Lost Tribes of the Yasuni

For at least a thousand years, the Huaorani have lived in harmony with the environment, deep in Ecuadors Amazon rainforest. But that peaceful existence changed the moment they first made contact with the outside world. Now, as Indians, they are automatically relegated to the lowest social strata of Ecuadorian society; and even within that strata they come last, looked down upon for their nudity and victimized by sensationalistic newspaper headlines. In this powerful volume, the award-winning photographic team of Pete Oxford and Renee Bish document their plight. It is their unashamed attempt to reveal to the entire world the warm, gentle, and humorous spirit of the Huaorani­. Led by an educated member of the tribe who had written a book on

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