CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION February 26th 2012 (Masada King Arms Five Seven Classic Airsoft)

Great day for airsoft. I mixed up the footage to go from the regular style MilSimJunkie you all have learned to love combined with POV footage that I have been using lately. This way it puts you in all the action as well as give you both sides of the story. If this works out well I will keep doing things this way. Steve is using a GoPro Hero 2 MilSimJunkie is using a Contour Roam Dont worry I still have the GoPro, I picked up the Contour as an extra =) ========= Gameday: February 26, 2012 Location: CQB CITY Stockton, California ========= Badass Kid of the day – Austin, who is a two time cancer survivor. He lost his eye to cancer but is stil living his life like any other kids. Rock on lil’ bro! ========= Check out Spartan Ops Airsoft www.youtube.com ========= Please visit: www.milsimjunkie.com Please follow www.twitter.com Please like: www.facebook.com =========
Video Rating: 4 / 5