Disco Nights

Disco Nights

Set in the flashy discos and on the streets of New York City in the late 1970s, author Stephen Welles, who was raised in the Bronx and Manhattan, uses his own experiences to paint his central character and how he became a part of the disco explosion coming out of the U.S. Marines (1977) as a 21-year-old “street-club dancer.” Welles says, “Disco Nights offers readers the chance to learn about or relive the great memories of the Disco Era through the story line, the songs, the artists, the musicians, the street dancers, and the DJ’s who put the music out. I also included a love story with a surprise ending, and a few exciting dance contests. Revolving around this story of our 1970s culture are landmark historical events that occurred in

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Lyrical Life: A Rock and Roll Love Story Told in 200 Song Lyrics

Life is a Song in Funkytown!

How many song lyrics will you know?

Welcome to the hip world of Funky Town, where pop song lyrics from five decades tell the rock ’n’ roll love story of Luka and Lola. With vivid graphics and nostalgic fun, Lyrical Life takes you on a musical adventure and will have you singing along with every page you turn.

Everybody’s Talkin’…
“It’s delightful . . . it’s de-lovely”—Cole Porter
“I’m a believer.”—The Monkees
“Lose yourself in the music.”—Eminem
“Don’t think twice, it’s all right.”—Bob Dylan
“Everyday I write the book.”—Elvis Costello

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