Gunsmithing the 1911: Trigger Job by “Terry G”, Pt 1

PART 1 OF 2 ////////////// Take a high value 1911 like the Taurus PT1911 and make it better for less than you think too. Here TacticalDoodle and I take the long drive down to Impact Guns in Ogden, UT to upgrade some aspects of the TNP PT1911 Project Gun. We enlist the services of experienced Impact Guns Gunsmith Terry Gardner to install the “Wilson Combat Value” parts into the gun (safety, sear, hammer, and modding the stock grip safety for interface). Previously installed by me, we didn’t accomplish the proper fitting needed to achieve professional results. In this Nutnfancy two-parter, you will see Terry in detailed action as he modifies, fits, and explains his techniques for achieving an improved trigger pull on this PT1911. You can probably achieve the same results yourself after some trial and error, some botched parts, lots of time, and specially purchased jigs and Arkansas stones. We show all aspects in great detail should you choose to do. But having a professional like Terry G, with many such jobs under his belt, is the way to go to save time and money and keep things safe. The results were impressive: crisp safety actuation and a clean 4.25 lb trigger pull with improved take up. Terry G states the cost for a trigger job is and accepts your shipments at the Impact Guns Ogden store (ensure UNLOADED), even your botched project guns that your “cousin” screwed up. Services shown were paid for in full by me and I receive zero money from Impact for these videos and