CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION September 12th 2010 (Magpul PTS Masada)

Please visit: www.milsimjunkie.com Please follow www.twitter.com ========== Note: Yes, this is a re-upload of the same video which was accidentally set to public in the early hours of Sept 14, 2010. A few of you were able to watch the original video before I was even able to put annotations and links. All you airsoft junkies don’t sleep =) Some addressed an issue with the video which was an oversight on my part. I have gone ahead and removed the scene and brought the issue with the party involved. I want to say thanks to those that brought it up and I will continue to make great airsoft videos. Hope you enjoy this re-upload! Thanks for watching! ========== Location: CQB City Website: www.cqbcity.com Date September 12, 2010 ========= Most Notable Weapon of the Day Weapon: Magpul PTS Masada/ACR tinyurl.com ========== Teams/People in the video: BAT (Bay Area Tactical) M4H (Murder 4 Hire) Doom Crew Jon “Ender007” www.youtube.com