Tennis Tips: Tennis Stances (Tennis Forehand, Tennis Backhand and Tennis Backhand Slice)) This week Ryan Segelke from High Altitude Tennis in Parker Colorado discusses the different tennis forehand, tennis backhand and tennis backhand slice stances. As a tennis player it is important that you understand and can do every tennis stance to have an all around game. The closed stance is used when stepping into the court on your tennis forehand or tennis backhand and to one side. It’s important to make sure that you adjust your back foot on your tennis stance to make sure your hips do not lock out, and that they can continue the Kinetic chain until your hips face forwards. If you do not let the back foot swing around in your closed stance tennis forehand then you will essentially be hitting your tennis forehand groundstroke or tennis backhand groundstroke primarily with your arms. Square stance tennis forehand is something we highly recommend for our players at High Altitude Tennis Academy. This allows you to be able to step into the court, take time away from your opponent and drive the ball through the tennis court. Also, your square stance tennis forehand will allow you to move forward when needed, allowing you to get to the net more efficiently giving you more angle to finish the point. The semi open stance is used when you don’t have enough time to adjust your feet and get in position for the square stance tennis forehand. An open stance is not needed because the player is likely not wide enough to need to use the open stance for
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