Where is Online Marketing Going — with Anne Kennedy

The number of online marketing channels to choose from is increasing rapidly, says Internet marketing expert Anne Kennedy. “I look at it as more ‘arrows’ in your marketing ‘quiver.'” In this wide ranging interview she looks at advances in Facebook, video, Twitter, and mobile marketing. Facebook. Kennedy tells the story of a man who purchased 1000 Lady in the Moon nightlights that sould out within a week with only a Facebook page and an e-mail address. Facebook worked for him because it was a trusted community and he was launching something new — a time when established trust is important. He encouraged people to tell their trusted friends, launching viral marketing among friends. Facebook works quite well with business-to-consumer (B2C) customers, but not as well with business-to-business (B2B) customers. Video. Video is especially useful for businesses that wnat to show people how to use something. Examples cited are Concrete Network TV and Will It Blend (BlendTech). Twitter. Twitter is great for announcing something new, because it can find its way into Google News — especially when supported with a website and press releases. But Twitter announcements need to be fairly thoughtfully worded. Mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is growing fast these days. Kennedy cites Google Goggles that allow people to find local stores that carry the same product, perhaps for a lower price. Local businesses especially can profit from optimizing their website for mobile use. GetListed