Titanic 3D Premiere – Kate Winslet & Ned Rocknroll – Royal Albert Hall London 2012

Titanic 3D World Premiere with Kate Winslet, Frances Fisher, Bill Paxton, Billy Zane, Bernard Hill, Suzy Amis and director James Cameron and many other movie stars. Also in this video: Kate’s boyfriend Ned Rocknroll, Jenna Louise Coleman, Rochelle Rose, Charlotte Spencer, Jack Whitehall, Sinitta and I Salonisti (the ship’s band). Unfortunately no Leonardo DiCaprio. See it all on the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, United Kingdom. Billy Zane 0:04 Bill Paxton 0:05 and 0:28 Jenna Louise Coleman 0:10 Kate Winslet and boyfriend Ned Rocknroll 0:13 Bernard Hill 0:26 Rochelle Rose 0:31 Francis Fisher 0:33 Charlotte Spencer 0:34 Jack Whitehall and Sinitta 0:38 I Salonisti (the ship’s band) 0:39 James Cameron 0:42 The film of the RMS Titanic (the world’s largest ship at that time) sinking after hitting an iceberg during its maiden voyage from the United Kingdom towards the United States of America on the night of 14/15 April 1912. Another ship, the Carpathian arrived in New York with the survivors of RMS Titanic on the 18 April 1912, The movie won 11 Oscars in 1998. The 3D version is released in the UK on 6 April 2012. Video footage shot in HD 720p on a Panasonic TM700. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Music produced in GarageBand using loop Phoenix.
Video Rating: 5 / 5