PGA Tour Golf – SNES Gameplay

Three holes of Golf in PGA Tour Golf for the Super Nintendo (SNES). Actual console play. Not emulated. For PGA Tour Golf’s first outing on the SNES, EA dropped the polygon-based graphics that characterized the series on the Genesis and replaced them with Mode 7 manipulations of bitmapped layers. This was a wise thing for EA to do as rendering polygons on the fly has never been one of the SNES’ strengths (without an FX chip, that is). The trade-off in switching to bitmapped graphics was one of visual crispness for acceptable rendering speed. Beyond their visual differences, the SNES and Genesis versions of PGA Tour Golf are the same game. All the features of the Genesis version are in the SNES version, and they function identically, more or less. The only significant difference between the two versions is found within the putting system. In the Genesis version, the topography of the green between the hole and the ball is scaled to fit on to a single screen of the putting grid. In the SNES version, each unit of distance on the putting grid remains discrete, and the putting grid scrolls to accommodate putts that exceed a certain threshold in length. However, the SNES system makes it difficult to read the greens accurately because the way that the undulations on the green appear is relative to the position from where they are being observed. What this means is that an undulation on the green observed from 20 ft. away appears markedly different when it is viewed from a
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