Love From New York: Merry Christmas Karlijn

This song, Love from New York: Merry Christmas Karlijn, is about a little boy 9 years old, who never cared about music before. He had his video games, and his Sonic the Hedgehog characters and school friends. One day, he heard and saw on YouTube the incomparable Karlijn Verhagen; Holland’s superstar singer and sweetheart, just 14 years old who has been burning up the local Dutch scene with her incredible voice and sweetness as well as growing in popularity worldwide like wildfire. The little boy sat there watching on his cousin’s Youtube one day as Karlijn was singing one of her amazing songs. He asked, “who is that singing?” He was told, ” that’s Karlijn, the most amazing singer”. The little boy just sat and watched until the end of the video. Soon after he would come back and tell his cousin, “can I watch Karlijn, again please?” Of course, he was told. That began a love affair for a little boy, who now knows every song that Karlijn Verhagen plays. He talks about her all the time, and now has taken a great interest in music. This is a testament to the power of music and the effect it can have even on a small boy who never cared bout music before. This is his way of saying to Karlijn thank you for helping him love music and also saying Merry Christmas to everyone and, of course, the sweetest singer in the world, Karlin Verhagen. We all love you Karlijn, Merry Christmas!! :)) Special thanks to amazing superstar singer Karlijn Verhagen who sings one of the best songs of all
Video Rating: 4 / 5