iPad 3 And iOS 5.1 To Be Released In March? Air-Like MacBook Pro Design, iTV Rumors & More

READ FIRST This is the seventy-fourth episode of BestTechInfo And Rumors! Links to the articles discussed in this episode: 1. Apple Might Announce The iPad 3 In The First Week Of March: www.besttechinfo.com 2. Apple Might Release iOS 5.1 In March According To Overseas iPhone Operator Profiles: www.besttechinfo.com 3. The iPad’s Slit Keyboard Features Six Invisible Keys To Aid Users While Typing: www.besttechinfo.com 4. iOSOpenDev Project Allows For Easy Cydia Package Development: www.besttechinfo.com 5. Apple’s Upcoming ‘iTV’ Might Recognize Voice Commands And Hand Gestures: www.besttechinfo.com 6. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones Unboxing: www.youtube.com 7. Apple’s Growth In The Past Five Years Trumps All Smartphone And Tablet Manufacturers Combined: besttechinfo.com 8. Apple May Bring A MacBook Air-Like Design To The MacBook Pro Lineup: www.besttechinfo.com 9. Apple Releases Two New iPhone 4S Commercials Highlighting Siri: ‘Road Trip’ And ‘Rock God’: www.besttechinfo.com 10. Site With Details On The iPhone 4S Giveaway: FNCiCu.com Facebook Fan Page facebook.com My Official Twitter: twitter.com BestTechInfo’s Official Twitter: twitter.com Google+ Page: plus.google.com My Personal Google+ Profile: plus.google.com Subscribe for new episodes every Friday night!