FIFA 12 – Selling UT Coins for PS3 and XBOX

Download it: 1. Make a free (silver) XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT. 2. On your main Account (Gamertag) make sure you have 1 bronze or silver consumable card Example: formation, position, contract, fitness cards 3. Log into your main Account on the Fifa Web application4. Sign into the Silver account on your XBOX. (when Fifa asks for your online pass you select you are not interested at this time. 5. Now Go to Ultimate team from the main menu and create a new team. You will be given a Bronze starter Pack. 6. (THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT) Go to Squads, then go to your consumables and send one of the consumables to the Trade pile 7. Now discard all the bronze players in your club. 8. After discarding all the bronze players back out to the main menu and you will have around 485 coins. 9. Now go back to the web app (your main account) & Put the bronze card up for sale for Start price: 1000 Buy Now 5000, list it for 1hour. 10. Go back to your xbox and search for the card you put up for sale. once you find it offer a trade for the 485 coins and the consumable you placed in the trade pile from your bronze starter pack (ON STEP 6) 11. Go over to the Web application and accept the trade offer on your main account. You will now have between 450 – 485 coins on your Main account. 12. Go back to your xbox, Fifa Ultimate Team Menu ~Help~Delete Club.