NCAA Football 12: QB Road to Glory – HIGH SCHOOL EPICNESS!! [S 1:EP 2]

Follow the progress of High School QB | FS make his way to a college. At the conclusion of the high school senior year, the college that the player attends will be up to you. So please make sure to follow and share this video with others. Get alerted when new vids are posted: htttp:// I’m also thinking about starting a Facebook page for this player where you guys can interact with the player throughout his high school and college career. Let me know your thoughts.

After losing only one game in his High School Career, Gunner Gaines looks to take the Alaskan State Championship for Football High School. A pretty fun game as receivers were making catches and running lanes opened up. Stay tuned at the end of the video to see the scholarship offers Mr. Gaines received and give your input before he makes the big decision.
Video Rating: 4 / 5