Susan sings “Return” from her new album “Someone To Watch Over Me” A special project video to honor our military past and present all over the world. Personal message from Susan Boyle (posted on her facebook wall and on her Official Fan Site) “I was humbled when I was sent a video a fan had made to my song Return. It is a beautiful and fitting tribute to this song and shares my sentiments entirely. When I perform this I picture families being reunited after long periods apart and this captures it beautifully. Thank you for sending this to me and for taking the time and effort to create this moving film.” Uploaded and created by TheUSATommy on Oct 26, 2011 “Return” by Susan Boyle from her new album “Someone To Watch Over Me” to be released Nov 2011 A tribute to military men and women all over the world who make the sacrifices to keep our freedom. TommyUSA