How To Change IP Address on a Mac

[This is not to use or do anything illegal, what you do is up to you, but please follow the law wherever you are.] Hey, So this is a tutorial for whoever wants to change/ hide their IP address. In other words, when stupid companies that rhyme with LEVO block a music video in your country, you can change your IP Address and watch it on YouTube 😀 Okay, so I know for a fact this works with Mac Users. You basically can make the initial change using Safari, but once the change is made, it should would with Mozilla Firefox, or any other Web Surfing Programs. So open up your Safari, and select “Safari” in the top left corner next to the Apple symbol. Under that list select “Preferences”. This is going to open up a new window with many options to select at the top of the window. On the far right, select “Advanced”. At the bottom it will say “Proxies”, and next to that, select “Change Settings…”. That will open up a window with your “Network Preferences”. Look under ‘Select a protocol to configure’. Select “Web Proxy (HTTP)” and make sure it’s ticked. _ Once you select that you will have the option to insert a “Web Server Proxy”. You can find proxies from many countries from websites on the internet. A website that I like to use and is very simple is “”, more specifically, follow this link ➞ There you can choose specifically from what country you want your proxy. Once you find a proxy suitable for you, copy the IP Address and Port, or write them
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