Tennis Fitness: How To Increase Your Speed and Power For Tennis (Tennis Pro Workout) http Over the next week, Karen Barbat WTA Tennis Professional will be working on every aspect of her game during her tennis fitness training sessions. She will do tennis footwork drills to improve her quickness and she will also do a lot of speed development. In this tennis video, Michael Farrington from High Altitude Tennis in Parker Colorado gives you some tips and drills on how to improve your speed on the tennis court. Next time you are doing some tennis fitness training, make sure to do these tennis fitness drills! Tennis is a sport that relies heavily on acceleration. Getting to the ball requires great tennis footwork and power from the posterior chain. In order to develop more speed and acceleration in the first 5-10 meters on a tennis court, you have to perform both tennis weight workouts and on court tennis conditioning drills. In the tennis industry speed is often confused with quickness. Speed is a person’s ability to move in one direction as quickly as possible. Quickness is a person’s ability to move a part of their body in the shortest reaction time. While is is important to be quick on the tennis court, it is also extremely important to have speed to move to the ball. For more tennis tips on various topics in the tennis fitness realm, make sure you subscribe to our channel to stay up to date! We cover everything from tennis footwork, tennis conditioning, exercises and drills for tennis and tennis tips! For more tennis videos on