Just Dance – Gaga You and I, 2011 VMAs, Glee Project Finale, Footloose

Lady Gaga releases the music video for “You and I,” directed and choreographed by Laurieann “Boomkack” Gibson – hear what theoriginaltyler thinks about Gaga’s latest. Kevin from The Skorpion Show picks his favorites for the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. The Glee Project picks its winners to star in the third season of Glee. Artists on the Footloose soundtrack are revealed. Mike Myers considers Austin Powers 4. The Rockettes perform a new number from the 2011 Radio City Christmas Spectacular. The Original Tyler- www.youtube.com The Skorpion Show- www.youtube.com Footloose Contest- www.footloosemovie.com Lady Gaga on iTunes- http Music: Dominique Young Unique – “Do My Own Thing” www.dominiqueyoungunique.com http www.twitter.com Dapdon – “Limelight” Emii – “Magic” itunes.apple.com Alan Wilkis – “Pink And Purple” wilcassettes.com Follow Us on Twitter- http
Video Rating: 4 / 5