Jo Wilfried Tsonga Bites Tennis Ball US Open 2011

Need some new music? Check us out on facebook for the best independent music: Jo Wilfried Tsonga has a funny reaction after losing this point in the tiebreak to Mardy Fish at the 2011 US Open.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Tennis Tips How to Return Roddick’s Serve In this tennis video Ryan Segelke of High Altitude Tennis will give you some tennis serve return and tennis tips show you why Federer’s return of serve is so great and how he is able to return Roddick’s tennis serve consistently and effectively. Roddick’s serve is truly an incredible tennis stroke and it overpowers most opponents. How does Federer stop Roddick’s serve so consistently? Federer has a secret to deflate the serve and help him on her return of serve game. The technique for this return of serve is called the table top return. Adding this serve return into your tennis skill set will improve your tennis and have your opponents scratching their heads after their tennis serve! Most tennis coaches will tell you to have a forehand grip for your return of serve on a tennis serve, but this is not efficient when you face an opponent with an overpowering tennis serve like Roddick. Instead, follow the details below to improve you return of serve and mimic Federer. On the return of serve, your grip should be on 3 and 3 while waiting for your opponent’s tennis serve. Step forward, split and then step with your outside foot and move through the shot. Do not swing your tennis racquet across you body, swing out toward your intended target on the tennis court. This will allow you to have a return of serve like Federer and if you practice long enough, maybe you will be able to return Roddick’s tennis serve one day